Sabrina Cruz
Digital media by a digital native


Sabrina Cruz is a digital media producer based in Toronto.

Sabrina Cruz is best known for her eponymous channel on YouTube where she creates engaging content focused on the intersection of education and entertainment. She uses her background in mathematics and statistics to drive her creativity forward with data.

Sabrina’s talent to inform and entertain at the same time is why you need to immediately subscribe to her channel
— Teen Vogue

On her YouTube channel, she produces two explainer series (Cool History, Nerdonomics) and can also be found hosting Crash Course Kids (an educational web series funded by Google).

Sabrina specializes in the influencer marketing space and has worked with brands (Red Bull, Google Science Fair, Plan International Canada) to bring their messaging to Millennial and Generation Z audiences though organic video and social content. This work has taken her from Austrian mountain tops to library basements in search of the most compelling and engaging stories. She uses a consumer-first strategy based on data-generated profiles to make her content as engaging to audiences as possible. Her work in digital media has been recognized by Teen Vogue, Seventeen, The Globe and Mail, and VidCon.

Sabrina sits on the Buffer Festival Board of Directors helping elevate and expand digital video in Canada and abroad. Buffer Festival is a non-profit organization that runs the annual digital film festival of the same name, and also empowers indigenous youth with workshops and tools to tell their stories.

Sabrina was also one of five members on the planning committee for ThinkerCon, a conference that brought together the biggest names in digital education and the institutions that want to support them.

Outside of entertainment, Sabrina is a fourth year student at the University of Toronto studying mathematics, economics, and statistics. She is passionate about accessible education and creating a bridge between science and art.